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Teaching Assistant History 201:

The Historian’s Craft

Civilians and War on WWII’s Eastern Front

This class introduces students to the rewarding work of historians through an in-depth investigation into the Eastern Front during World War II. The class explores three key questions that historians continue to debate: How did the Nazis carry out the Holocaust in Eastern Europe? To what extent did local people collaborate? And can we conceive of German victimhood? Finally, the course discusses questions of memory and historical judgment. How can historians analyze the ways in which various people, both collectively and individually, have remembered and memorialized the violent experiences of war through postwar trials, oral testimonies, monuments, and museums? The topic of the Eastern Front is a lens through which to debate issues of collaboration, resistance, memory, trauma, and historical empathy, as well as wider questions about how history can help to make sense of the world in which we live.

Teaching Assistant
HIS 224 / JS 231
"History of the Holocaust"

In the Fall 2018 semester I am served as a Teaching Assistant for HIS 224/ JS 231: "The History of the Holocaust" with Professor Amos Bitzan.  I led four weekly discussion sections and performed grading for approximately 63 students.


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HIS/JS 224

In the Spring 2018 semester, I worked as Reader/ Grader for Professor Amos Bitzan in his HIS/JS 224: "Modern Jewish History" course. My duties included quiz, exam, and written assignment grading for ninety undergraduate students.

I also acted as Reader/Grader for HIS 224/JS 231: "The Holocaust" in the Fall 2017 semester at the UW-Madison.

As an MA student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, I served as a Teaching Assistant for three semesters of World Civilizations I courses.